When You Care Enough To Send A Taylor Swift

OMG. Grammy girl Taylor Swift has her own line of greeting cards!

Imagine my surprise when I spotted Taylor Swift's own line of greeting cards inside a Carlton Cards (American Greetings) store at our local mall. The top row contains her official "Fearless" tour book. The rest are just some of her cards with some pretty pictures. That's her on that middle card there.

I didn't browse each card to check if it quoted lyrics from some of her songs, but I won't be an authority on that because all I know is "She wears high heels, I wear sneakers."

While some of you may have raised your eyebrows when she swiftly sweeped the recent Grammy Awards, you can't help how her fairytale songs stick to your brain like a storm of pixie dust. Before you know it, you're humming her song, and you startle yourself doing it.

Well, at least, she's a singer that you can safely allow your kids and tweens to idolize, unlike others that have a bad rep and are on drug rehab. Can't think of one? Clue: She has a song exactly about "going to rehab." And she said "No, no, no!"

So tell your kids it's okay to swoon over "You Belong With Me," but remind them that for now, they belong in school.

3 vandalized my wall:

kg said...

my gosh! she's everywhere!!!

lauren said...

hahaha, what's next i wonder? does she have her own doll yet? :P

fortuitous faery said...

kg: she's quite the entertainerpreneur! :P

lauren: i sure won't be surprised if she does that next!

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