Litratong Pinoy #75: Iyo (Yours)


Snow. So pretty to photograph.


So perilous to drive on. Welcome to the Tundra, right here in New Jersey. This blizzard we're having this Wednesday has proven to be both picturesque and problematic. Most schools, businesses and airports affected in New Jersey and New York have closed because of it.


These kids are sitting on a pile of snow in the middle of the street. A police car just told them to be careful. For them, it's winter wonderland!

Spot the car! We have about 6 inches of snow now and more falling!

There's a car in there somewhere.


You want snow? It's all yours! We're buried in about a foot of it now, with more falling until midnight tonight. If I told you how hard it is to shovel off and plow through the snow, you probably might rethink my offer. Even Miss Iggy's not so sure.

Gusto mo ng snow? Eto...iyong-iyo na!

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Sidney said...

Cool !
But please be careful when driving!

Dinah said...

ha ha, pretty nga tignan, pero no thanks :-) sisipunin lalo ako dyan e. pero im sure sa mga bata, hit na hit yan!

heto naman ang lahok ko.

Joy said...

Haha! Thank you but no thank you. Ingat!!

Eto naman ang akin: http://tanjuakiohome.blogspot.com/2010/02/lp-iyo-yours.html

Kayni said...

lol...i just finished clearing my sidewalks. the blizzard gave us more than a foot of snow. i hope this is the last snow storm this winter. i can't do this anymore.

Unknown said...

thank you, pero dito na lang ako maghahalo-halo.:p rarayumahin ako sa ganitong snow.

Arlene said...

sure sure sure send them in heaps my way. I love winter wonderland and the last snow i had was in 2005. ang tagal na pero di ko pa rin malimutan ang maglakad sa malalim na snow sa loob ng aking school campus.

nice pictures!

Marites said...

gusto kong makaranas niyan! Pero, ayoko yatang maglinis hehehehe! ganda ng mga litrato mo. maligayang lP!

January Zelene said...

sige ipadala mo dito gusto ko yan hehehe..

eto naman lahok ko..

LP Iyo

julie said...

ingat lang sis, especially pag patunaw na :)

Vlado&Toni said...

gosh- walang katapusan snow.. used to be so nice --it's snowing .. now - goodness when will it ever stop! let's brace yourselved for a super hot summer! at least that's what they are saying here - too cold winters lead to too hot summers

-mopher- said...

At first masarap tlga yan at nakakatuwa pero pagtagal nakakaginaw tlga :)

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