West Point's Cadet Color Guard

In honor of the recent Veterans Day, here's a postcard featuring the Legendary Corps of Cadets on parade at the United States Military Academy (USMA) in West Point, New York. The magnificent parade uniforms of the Corps are those of the American Infantry of the War of 1812.

West Point is located on the west bank of the Hudson River and is the nation's oldest military post in continuous operation. A permanent garrison of American Revolutionary troops was stationed here on January 20, 1778, to thwart British efforts to control river navigation and split the colonies. The USMA prepares selected young men and women for careers as Regular Army Officers.

[information from back of postcard]

I've been to West Point several times. Miss Iggy (my traveling doll) has been there, too. There is a guided bus tour at the West Point Visitor's Center which requires guests to provide a photo ID in order to get on the bus. Don't forget to check out the free museum showcasing American military history after the tour.

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Mary said...

Fortuitous: Thanks again for directing me to PFF. This is my second one and I am really enjoying it. Happy PFF!

Ebie said...

Hehehe, hindi ako marunong mag photograph ng postcard, mine is always crooked parang convex siya.
I have a lot of old postcards in the 70's era, I will have them by end of the month, maybe I can join this.

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