Chiquita, Tell Me What's Long?

Why, Chiquita Bananas, that's what!

One of my guilty pleasures is plucking out fruit labels off the fruits at the produce section--the stickers that tell you where the fruit was imported from. My favorite stickers are the ones on the Chiquita bananas. At first, they had quirky messages on them like "Yum, yum Potassium!" and "Place sticker on forehead. Smile." But now, they have crazy faces on them, too!

And their stickers have led me to their cool new website, EataChiquita.Com, which lets you customize your own sticker which automatically gets posted on their virtual sticker wall! You can download your creation to post on Facebook or your blog, such as this sticker I designed above. It's a cannibalistic baseball fan! He eats Phillies! I mean, Philly cheese steaks! Haha!

Your plantain persona can also explore Chiquitaville and earn points to unlock more sticker pieces.

Go forth and "bananafy" yourself! (And watch a banana with a hullahoop while you wait!)

P.S. This banana-shaped 1GB USB from their online shop is too cute! With this, you can literally put a banana in your purse!

[banana usb image from chiquita online shop]

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ms firefly said...

hehe, your titles crack me up! ^-^
good one!

kj and i love to make banana jokes because of Aap, my little monkey. when we were in marco polo in davao, the National Banana Conference was being held then and we liked to think Aap was part of the delegation. ^-^

Ebie said...

Me, too, I pay attention to the stickers, but sometimes, they are hard to come off especially that I have short nails. I have to check out that link.
P.S. Pag dating na lang ni Zee sa bakasyon next week, manood kami sa El Capitan, kc may live disney characters before the show, meron ding presentation.

Oman said...

that is indeed interesting. thanks for the info.

witsandnuts said...

Haha, this is cool. Bananafy myself. =) I'll try this. Thanks for sharing.

Princess Ody said...

what a cute USB stick, i want i want i want!

Sinta said...

LOL to the title! ^_^ Aaaah, you're not the only one! one of my aunts used to do that for the longest time too. She loved the stickers ^_^

Sidney said...

Nice sticker you designed! So you are a Chiquita fan... what about Dole? ;-)

pavinee said...

I collect fruit label stickers whenever I see one. But there's not many or I just forget to look for it :-P

Nice banana USB, very cute! :-D

AVCr8teur said...

I should read the fruit labels more often. Sounds like you went bananas on the Chiquita site. :)

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