The Hands That Rock The Pavement

In all my years of traveling to New Jersey's gambling capital by the Boardwalk, it was only in September that I noticed Resorts Atlantic City's "Entrance of the Stars," which was decked with the handprints of famous celebrities engraved in cement. Here are some I photographed:


Mr. Ol' Blue Eyes and His Bowtie. He did it his waaaaay.


I was looking for some hot stuff and found Donna Summer's hot handprints


Barry, Barry, quite contrary. Looks like he made it!


Tom Jones' handprints are not unusual



Pavarotti: he hit the high notes and hit this cement


Stevie Wonder just called to say "Love is the Key"


Joan Rivers was a little mixed up...in cement


5 vandalized my wall:

witsandnuts said...

Cool! This is new information to me. Much cooler than the Avenue of Stars (in HKG).

Kayni said...

Great...I'm going to AC first week of December. Hopefully get a glimpse of these...if I'm not too busy chewing saltwater taffy...lol.

Sinta said...

I usually mock ppl who have such a fandom of venturing to such celebrity shrines...until I saw that one of Pavarotti. OMG, jealous! I just want to stand in front of it, put my hands where he places his and then steal that concrete memorial slab away. I looooove him! Cried like a baby when he died!

ms firefly said...

i think they're so game to put their hands in concrete. ^-^

Ebie said...

This is cool! When I lived back East in the late 80's, we frequent AC.
This is almost similar to Hollywood's Stars walk of fame. Love the title too!

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