Ghouls, Goblins, Ghosts on Parade

I watched my little cousin's Halloween parade at her school. This year, she's Lady Gaga. Her mom went "gaga" mad looking for a wig. Okay, so it's a tad too long, but they didn't want to cut the wig short. She's wearing black lipstick, too, keeping her black-and-white motif intact. Her wig's position isn't so intact, though, from walking too fast.


It's amazing how she's grown...my first Halloween photo of her was as a tiny Tinkerbell back in 2004.

Here's a videoclip from their school parade. She's not in it, though. My favorite is Rapunzel at the end, who not only wears long braided hair, but also a tower! Props to her props! Check it out!

My candy provisions for tonight for the kids: Twix (what's left of it anyway, since I've been eating from the bag since last week), Nestle Crunch, and Gummy Tongues. Halloween has already started wet this morning, but I hope it doesn't pour gremlins and goblins tonight.

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The Nomadic Pinoy said...

Kids do get all the fun when they're wearing their costumes. And they look cute. Happy Halloween!

Ebie said...

They look so cute in their costumes! Hahaha, save some Nestle Crunch for me!

P.S. Twylah (sounds Bisaya to me)is short for Twilight.

Grace @ Sandier Pastures said...

I know my daughter would have been so excited if we live in a place that celebrates Halloween!

witsandnuts said...

They're so cute!

ms firefly said...

hehe, ang kukuleet! :D
it's too bad i forgot to take pictures of our trick or treat crowds last night, i was busy chatting with a friend in gensan.

kg said...

lady gaga? that's so funny! who thought of that? :)

the wig is great! but she should had worn tangga! he! he!

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