Vampire Costume Defined


[comic strip image from foxtrot.com]

We didn't get a vampire trick-or-treater tonight. The very first kid was Godzilla, then there was Indiana Jones whose crusade was for candy, then a boy in a Transformers costume whose head I accidentally hit with our front door. I gave him extra candy for my clumsiness.

It was rainy, it was windy, so we didn't get a lot of kids tonight compared to last year. It's not just the weather affecting this low Halloween candy-harasser turnout, but there's also Game 3 of the World Series tonight airing from Philadelphia. Parents will be wanting to be glued to their tv stands as early as possible rather than drive their kids around houses.

I honestly thought the game would be postponed altogether, but it just had a delayed start. My Halloween movie queue will have to wait.

3 vandalized my wall:

Kate said...

Oh my! "avoid twilight fan girls at all costs" hahaha :)

ms firefly said...

i love the "memo to self"! ^-^

Sinta said...

LOL! 'Avoid Twilight Fan girls at all costs" Brilliant line :D Seems you had a quiet Halloween. We had so many kids come to our door, we ran out of candy around 7pm. It was scary! Thankfully we were heading to a party for around 8 pm, so we went early and took shelter one of our friends houses, who didn't live in a family neighbourhood.

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