Litratong Pinoy# 66: Palengke (Market)

Last June, I went to Ottawa's Byward Market or Marche By (in French).


It's not just any market, it's considered a tourist attraction in this Canadian capital. Their website also reveals further:

The ByWard Market is where Ottawa was born. Established by Lt-Col. John By in 1826, the ByWard Market is one of Canada’s oldest and largest public markets. The legendary builder of the Rideau Canal; Lt-Col. By himself laid out the street plan of the Market, designating George and York Streets to be extra wide to accommodate the horse-drawn carriages that brought foodstuffs to the market every day.


There is an Irish pub in there surrounded by quaint shops and other restaurants. Street performers entertain a crowd of tourists in this area, too.


You can explore downtown Ottawa by horse-drawn carriage from here.


I had read from a travel magazine that a local pastry worth trying in Ottawa is their "Beavertails." We found it in Byward Market! It's basically fried, sugared dough that's flattened and shaped like a beaver's tail! It's yummy especially when eaten warm!


There were so many interesting items for sale at Byward Market, some sold flea market-style on the streets, but I was surprised to see "luchador" masks there! I didn't know Canadians were into Mexican wrestling! I suddenly remembered the comedy film "Nacho Libre."

Magandang "palengke" ang Byward sa Ottawa, pero ang hirap namang maghanap ng parking doon na may metro...kaya ang layo ng nilakad namin mula sa hotel papunta dito. Exercise talaga. Kulang pa yung "BeaverTail" na kinain namin. Binawi ko na lang sa pictures. Kaya naman gutom na gutom kami pagbalik sa hotel. Kumain tuloy ako ng falafel.

16 vandalized my wall:

upto6only said...

kakaibang palengke.

Happy LP

Kayni said...

gotta have those beavertails =)...really yummy.

Carnation said...

wow enjoy siguro dyan! ito sa akin http://sweetcarnation.blogspot.com/2009/09/lp-palengke.html

emarene said...

Nang pumunta kaming Ottawa - hanggang Parliament lang kami. This would have been a nice place to see. Gusto ko yung picture ng mga masks. Maganda!

an2nette said...

maganda at malinis ang market na iyan, kakaiba at maganda ang pagkakakuha sa mga larawan, hapi LP

Ebie said...

Ganda naman sa palengke, at gusto ko yatang magshopping diyan. Type ko yung maskara!

Ebie's Palengke.

Marites said...

akala ko, tunay na beaver tails yan na niluto yan. lol! Sosyal naman ng palengke ah. maganda siya at parang ang daming makikita.

Andito ang LP ko. maligayang LP!

Dinah[Okay Ukay] said...

ang sarap sigurong maka-experience ng ibang klase ng mga palengke sa ibang bansa no? paborito ko din puntahan ang mga palengke kapag nagta-travel sa ibang lugar e :-)

Sassy Mom said...

Siguro masarap libutin iyan... nakakaaliw.
eto naman ang aking lahok

Unknown said...

gusto ko rin matikman ang beavertails na yan--mukhang masarap ipares sa kape.:P

colorful ang palengkeng ito.

Sidney said...

Looks like a cool place to hang out... did you buy a mask? :-)

Oman said...

one of my favorite places to go to whenever i am in a different place is the market because i do learn the culture of the place thru markets. nice captures.

Sinta said...

Those beavertails look tasty! Thanks for the tip. Mr H fancies going back to Canada after his visit during the summer. And I love markets in general :D So much colour and vibrancy.

MsRay said...

Sosyal na palengke :)

thess said...

Mukhang ngang masarap i-explore yang palengke na yan!

agent112778 said...

wow ang linis naman nyan

sana maibigan nyo rin ang aking lahok

magandang araw ka-litratista :)

Salamat sa pagbisita :)

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