Something Fishy This Way Comes!


Last July, I joined Papemelroti's "Shiny Shinies" Raffle Contest. Little did I know that I would win the hand-made fish-themed necklace! This prize swam its way to me last Tuesday. It came via registered mail and I picked it up at our post office.

The calligraphic message on the fish medallion says, "It's hard to be nostalgic if you cannot remember anything."

I loved the personal note that Miss Patsy enclosed, written on Papemelroti stationery no less:

Congratulations on winning our monthly raffle. We wish you to wear this in good health and enthusiasm for the surprises God has in store for you! God bless you always.

Owning this piece of proudly Philippine-made jewelry makes me a little less homesick. Thanks to the wonderful folks at Papemelroti! They have another contest going on right now...why not join, too?

3 vandalized my wall:

plaridel said...

hey, try extending your lucky streak. enter the travel bug sweepstakes by clicking on this link:


check the prize for this month. i think you'd like it.

fortuitous faery said...

thanks for the contest tip! travel channel always features awesome prizes...but i've never really had the same luck on big contests such as theirs. still, i joined...it's a drool-worthy prize indeed: trip to washington DC + travel academy film lessons! wow!

pusa said...

wow congratulations! that's one cool prize :)

ang swerte monaman, hawaan mo naman ako ng lucky dusts hehehe

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