These Boobs Were Made for Walkin'!


I don't mean that literally! My boobs were very much hidden underneath a pink hoodie when I walked at the 8th Annual Saint Clare's Breast Cancer Awareness Walk in Rockaway, New Jersey last Sunday.

I signed up to walk with a team of Filipina nurses (though I'm not one), and together we raised over $2,000 in donations to support the cancer care facility of Saint Clare's Hospital. Miss Iggy proudly wore a pink ribbon there, too!


It was our first time joining this walk...and the nurses vowed to bring pancit and lumpiang shanghai and a tent next year.

The walk was for 5 kilometers (about 3.1 miles),--two laps around the Rockaway Townsquare Mall area which lasted for about an hour. The weather was great, although it was under the 50's when registration began before 8am. Certain cancer survivors led the walk followed by teams and individual walkers.

One of the cancer survivors even spoke about belonging to "the sisterhood of the traveling hair," referring to the wig she had to wear on her head. She passed it on to another cancer patient and emphasized it as a symbol of love and strength, that such recipient will "never walk alone" in the battle against breast cancer.

It was great to see everyone pretty in pink, eating pink donuts and walking their dogs in pink costumes. Check out these girls clad in pink, including the neon kind with their socks.


Cheerleaders from a local high school and their Eagle mascot motivated the walkers.



The team with the highest amount of donations raised was ADD Systems with about $17, 000! As for me, I was happy with my free souvenir shirt, and the fact that I was part of a great cause! I hope to join again next year!

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Sinta said...

What a great cause :D And I love the blog post title! LOL! I thought you might've mistyped it at first. Awww, great photos!

lauren said...

Congratulations! My mom was a NJ nurse btw, and at the same hospital if I'm not mistaken. :)

Kayni said...

Go Pink!

Sidney said...

A worthy cause...and it looks like a fun event !

fortuitous faery said...

sinta: hehe, definitely intended the pun! thanks! :)

lauren: really? that's interesting! how long ago was that? that hospital has 3 locations in the same county.

kayni: go fuchsia! :P

sidney: it was fun and it felt great to do a good deed!

plaridel said...

way to go. it always feels great to be part of the community and be counted.

princess_dyanie said...

if feels great to be part of a good cause. :)

i think avon here has the same walk next week :P

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