Big Boys and Their Fashion Joys

Who said only women care about how they look? Men do, too! And I’m not just talking about their hair. They’re concerned about their wardrobe, their skin, even their perfume! They're called "metrosexuals," or heterosexual men with a "strong concern for their appearance." Sometimes, some of them can be overly conscious of their looks, they end up “prettier” than some ladies.

I have a male friend who lives by the mantra, “The way you look (and dress up) affects your self-confidence. If you look great, you feel great! And people will notice that.” I used to always write him off as being too vain and narcissistic. But then, I realized that there’s some truth in what he said.

The highschool fashionista Kurt in Fox's "Glee" advised in one episode that every day is an opportunity for fashion. It's a conscious effort, a lifestyle, a personal expression. And that little chunk of fashion wisdom applies universally to both sexes.

And I need to de-chunk my closet for some autumn wear!

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Abaniko said...

I heard that men are vainer. They just don't show it. But I am not with my hair -- only with my extra fats. Hehe.

fortuitous faery said...

i agree that some men can be more vain than women...but those men definitely don't include homer simpson types! hehe.

thanks for fanning your way here, abaniko! :)

Sidney said...

I count on my "natural" looks... ;-)
No lotions, perfumes and expensive clothing for me...

princess_dyanie said...

yay! im watching glee too!!

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