Chicago's Corn Cob Buildings


This is my only Chicago postcard from Postcrossing and it features the Marina City Complex, or as the locals call it: the "Corn Cob" buildings (the pair on the right), because of their obvious shape. It's a 65-story residential/commercial structure in downtown Chicago.

Also on the postcard is the Chicago River, which is dyed green by the city government on St. Patrick's Day--a unique Chicago tradition!

And if these buildings make you crave for popcorn, you should also know that Garrett's Popcorn is yet another Chicago tradition, which thankfully has out-of-state branches in Manhattan!

Here's one of my own photos of part of the Chicago River (in its non-green state) from my trip there last 2007. You'll see the Centennial Fountain, named such to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Chicago.


And speaking of the "Windy City," I'm flying there tomorrow!

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Marie Reed said...

Let's slather that building with a little butter and salt! mmmm mmm good!

MrCachet said...

It looks to me like Marie did the butter slathering thing and gnawed her way around both of them at about the fourteenth story!

Postcardy said...

The river actually does look green in your photo. I remember it as a dirty brown.

Tussy said...

Your own shot is beautiful as same as the postcard.

Nice color of water, I wish I could be there once.

You Got A Posty
All Little Things I Like

Robin said...

Years ago I used to be an interior decorator / designer out of St. Louis. I would often travel into Chicago via Amtrak, spending sometimes a week in the Merchandise mart. Of course I would take in the sights while I was there. :-)
I have fond memories of Chicago.

Have a beautiful weekend

Aimee said...

I had never heard of the corn cob buildings...very interesting!

Kayni said...

now i feel like eating corn...lol. enjoy the windy city =).

Beth Niquette said...

How very lovely! I enjoyed your blog this morning. Happy PFF!

Snap said...

I love Chicago. Really is one of my favorite cities. I'll have to look for my postcards! Enjoy your trip!

Kate said...

what a cute pair :)

Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

I always wondered what these buildings reminded me of - corn cobs, of course!
A very timely posting as we've got great fall corn right now in Quebec.
Evelyn in Montreal

kg said...

mukha ngang corn on a cob! ang galing!

the pics are so great! :)

PS, new look tayo ha!

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