Papemelroti's Shiny Shinies Contest

I've been a Papemelroti patron since my teens. They're a pioneer in recycled paper products and handcrafted giftables in the Philippines. I still support them, and in fact, I bought some stationery from their store on my recent trip to Manila last December.

I also bought Robert Alejandro's "Backpacking in Southeast Asia and China" travel book filled with delightful sketches from his trips in countries such as Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. Robert is the "RO" in the Papemelroti trade name. When I bought his book at the Papemelroti store in Robinson's Place Manila, the sales clerk commented that I must be a fan of "Sir Robert." I agreed. I'm a big fan of his art.

Guess what, Meldy of the talented Alejandro clan created this necklace to give away to one lucky winner! Anyone anywhere around the world can win this charming prize just by mentioning their contest on your blog, then post your URL on their contest page. Easy, right? But hurry, the deadline for contest entries is on August 8, 2009!

Here's a detailed description of the necklace from their website:

Each woman is like a precious diadem in the hand of the Creator and to honor the lucky winner, we offer this one of a kind piece!

The rectangular accent has a fish and flower collage design depicting a play of land and sea.

Added are heart, emerald, wreathe and fish beads all strung on a faux silver chain.

This is an interesting mix of materials that you can match with practically any outfit!

Designed specially for this contest by Papemelroti Artist Meldy!

[photo from papemelroti.com]

3 vandalized my wall:

pusa said...

me love papemelroti too :)

Oman said...

very nice. good morning!!!

Marites said...

I was able to browse RO's book sometime ago in Manila and i found it quite amazing that he was able to draw/sketch while traveling. He must have either a good memory and a fast hand to draw with such details or i think, he has both. Anyway, ilike the necklace so i'll try my luck with on their contest:) thanks for posting this.

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