Litratong Pinoy#59: Proteksyon (Protection)

Are you familiar with the motto of the police here in the States, "To Serve and Protect?"

I know you've all heard of RoboCop, but have you seen a RoboDOG?


I saw one at the Memorial Day Parade in our town last May. He was being controlled by a real cop behind him, and he talks too! The voice is from the cop with the mouthpiece.


The crowd loved him, of course.

Si Bantay, naging Buwaya...este, pulis! Haha.

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Marites said...

natawa ako doon sa "Si Bantay naging buwaya..." :D pero kyut naman noong robodog ano..meron kaya nyan dito sa Pinas. maligayang LP!

upto6only said...

hehe ang cute ng post mo. tutuo bang aso yun?

Ria said...

ang cute niya!!! i love him too!!!!

andito po ang akin!

Four-eyed-missy said...

I think Max will fall in love instantly with the RoboDog! *lol*

OHMYGUMS said...

Ayos! sa tingin ko I love him too! :D

Ito ang pinaka uang kong entry sa LP...


Kayni said...

i love dogs - a police dog is way cooler. i'd like one =).

shiera (bisdakbabbles) said...

kawaii! maybe you should look up for that cat that was appointed as a station master in Japan. He/she always wears this station master hat. :)

PEACHY said...

ang cute cute :-P

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