I Left My Umbrella-ella-ella

Hello Kitty sighting on E. 53rd St. yesterday, NYC. Kawaii fountain!

So I'm back from a "date with destiny" in New York City--and how horrifyingly humid it was while I was there. It was the kind of humidity that brewed forth thunderstorms, which I also experienced humiliatingly when I left my umbrella at the hotel as I rode the subway to 53rd St. Pale white Hello Kitty statues distracted me for a bit as I emerged from underground, and then the heavy rain began to fall relentlessly over me. In my bag were my digital camera, Miss Iggy, and one of my Mp3 players that I was worried would get wet. Thankfully, it was the kind of bag that repelled water.

I was suddenly unfamiliar with this part of the city, not knowing which way to walk to get to St. Patrick's Cathedral. I would run then pause briefly underneath a building's canopy, until I asked a lady also seeking refuge from the rain which way the cathedral was.

"Walk three blocks down to 50th St. then turn right." Right, it was on 50th St. I remembered.

I'm so glad I didn't wear a light-colored T-shirt because it would make me look so awkward when wet. I'm hardly the type who would even dream of being in a wet T-shirt contest. Well, my arms were all drenched and so were the seams of my jeans. I was running like a hen chased by a butcher, and finally the last canopied stopover was right across the side entrance of the cathedral. I made it just in time for the 5:30PM mass. After this church visit, it was all hot and humid again, with only the wet roads as tell-tale signs that an afternoon storm just happened.

When I came back to my hotel room, I stuffed the umbrella into my bag.

2 vandalized my wall:

pusa said...

wow hello kitty! :)

heto ang payong

fortuitous faery said...

pusa: yup! will post the other sanrio statues i saw that day soon.

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