Let's Get Laos!

You know what else I love about getting postcards? Postcards that come from countries that one can rarely get a postcard of, even through Postcrossing. Take Laos, for example. This is my very first (and perhaps the only one I'll ever have) postcard from Laos when fellow postcrosser and Miss Iggy sister Sreisaat went there for a holiday a while back. She had fallen in love with Vientiane. I fell in love with the map postcard!

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Sherrie said...

This is a very nice postcard! Very colorful! Have a great day!


shiera (bisdakbabbles) said...

It is close to singapore, I guess. I hope I could visit it someday and send you a postcard from there, too!

Aimee said...

That's a great postcard! Lucky you!

Sheila said...

A great card to have, and I've certainly never seen one from Laos before. I don't suppose there are too many Postcrossing members there. :)

witsandnuts said...

Nice one! I have not really thought about the profile of people of Laos. I feel like googling about them or at least directly checking from Wiki. =)

Terry said...

Happy PFF to you.
WOW what an awesome postcard to have .
I have never seen one from Laos before.
Thank you so much for sharing with us .
Have a great weekend.

Happy Trails

Debby said...

What a gorgeous card. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

That's interesting! Actually, Lao is my neighbor country but I have little knowledge about the land.
It would be nice to have a postcard from there.

Come to think of rare postcard, I'm not sure if there's any Postcrosser from African region. I'm working on a book about West Africa. Their culture is very interesting. It would be nice to get a card from there too!

doi said...

waaaaaaaaaa.. I soo wanna go to Laos. tsk tsk tsk. someday...
nice postcard faery! you are lucky to have friends all over who can send you postcards from all over...hehehe

Four-eyed-missy said...

How did I miss this? :/

fortuitous faery said...

sreisaat: huo man gani! well, you were always busy!

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