Yellow Was Anything But Mellow


I was just a kid when People Power happened. There was no internet or netbooks or iPhones at the time. My father and uncle, though, were able to take part in that historic event by going to Camp Crame. I've seen their other photos, but have only managed to find this one in our old photo boxes.

My father had scribbled at the back that this was taken on February 23, 1986 at Camp Crame. I didn't understand what was going on at the time, but I remembered how the dominant color then was yellow. It didn't mean cowardice as is the current connotation of said color, but it meant power to change through peaceful means. And that was made possible by former Philippine President Cory Aquino and her powerful faith in God. Here was a lady who made history, who spoke softly but refused to carry a big stick....instead she carried a rosary.

What a great loss it is for Filipinos around the world when she passed away on August 1st. Actually, it was Friday afternoon, East Coast time, when we heard the sad news. I wore yellow all day Saturday (yesterday) to commemorate her, while attending two different parties. But that's a different story.

The angels are welcoming you in heaven with a million yellow ribbons, Tita Cory. Thank you for being our damsel of democracy!

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