All That Glitters

The last book I read was Paolo Coehlo’s “The Devil and Miss Prym.” It was a story about temptation, how one man, driven by the demons of his tragic loss, travels incognito to a rural town to offer a dangerous bargain in exchange for gold bars. In order to earn the gold, innocent blood had to be sacrificed. Will greed prevail over virtue?

I was so engrossed with the rather titillating encounter between the stranger and Miss Prym that I finished the book within a few hours, in just one sitting.

I am not particularly fond of jewelry, but the precious few I own I do regard as special because of the sentimental value attached to it, such as the gold camel necklace that my mom gave me. I'm not too conversant about financial matters or investing either, so when I heard about gold IRA, I was curious about how to put gold in an IRA as an alternative way to invest on one's retirement.

The Aurum Advisors from the Gold Coins Gain website seek to enlighten the skeptic investor about gold 401k, the shining alternative to an employee's 401k plan that has fallen victim to our current dwindling economy. Their goal is to promote 401k gold as the new 401k choice. This may just be the start of an era of IRA gold, where your future is literally etched in gold.

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