see me in lomo-tion!

the photos from the "portraits of women" workshop i attended at the lomography gallery store in new york city are finally up on their website, and here you can see me trying not to break my thumb turning the film knob on the loaner diana camera! haha. that's me with the brown corduroy pants and cream blouse, and that's my sister staring upwards on my left.

click here to see the rest of the photos from the workshop where you can see me in unflattering poses with a lomo camera! i'm a dork trying to make it work! haha!

[lomo photo from the lomography website by alexandrak]

2 vandalized my wall:

gingmaganda said...

my dear friend,

i think this is the third time you posted a photo of yourself in your blog, ever! hahaha!

and you have a really big bag. =)

fortuitous faery said...

haha...you keep count? lol.

and yes, whenever i go to the city, i always carry a BIG bag so i can fit miss iggy, my camera, water bottle(s), snacks, etc. i bring my house with me. haha! and also, so i have room for when i buy things or stash brochures from the visitor's center. :P

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