Today's Colors: Blood-Red & Shamrock-Green

It's been a while since I last donated blood, so I went today (St. Patrick's Day) at a parking lot in Wharton to this blood drive on a bus (!) by the New Jersey Blood Services. As an incentive, donors also get complimentary cholesterol screening, so I took advantage of that. Miss Iggy obliged me in this noble deed by tagging along.

They only had four beds inside the bus on which patients can recline to donate blood. The lady who pre-screened me also said that they're short-staffed today. I thought to myself, there probably wouldn't be a lot of blood donors today because they're most likely to be out partying and pubbing on this Irish holiday.

I was a little amused to see that lady again who had assisted me in a past blood drive. She had tried to hook me up with some relative of hers when she found out that I was from a neighboring province in the Visayas. Thankfully, our chat didn't wander off into that territory this time. She was less invasive with my personal life today. Haha. She was actually very nice, too, stuffing my "goodie bag" with lots of boxed fruit juices and cookies after I was done.


I think it's cute that the color of the arm bands used for the needle area is green. And yes, I wore a green sweater today, and green canvas shoes. It was so nice out today, too!

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Anonymous said...

you donate blood on a regular basis? bless your soul. I'm impressed.

Oman said...

wow matching colors pa. i really appreciate your kind soul. have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

I'm always impressed with people who donate blood. Mr H does and I would like to too, but I'm so scared for the needle and the possible 'suction' feeling? He says there's no such feeling, but my imagination goes onto overdrive when I think about it 0_o One day, I will go and do it.

Belated Happy St. Patricks day :)

fortuitous faery said...

plaridel, lawstude, sinta: thanks! you don't feel a "suction" sensation, just that unmistakable feeling that a needle is stuck in your vein! hehe. think happy thoughts! it's really not that bad. if you easily get faint at the sight of blood, especially your own, then it's not for you. :P

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