Moooon Reeeapeerrr...

one of my favorite illustrators, jimmy liao, has a new book coming out on april fool's day!

it's called "when the moon forgot."

amazon.com described the book this way:

"One night the moon never rises...

A lonely boy finds the fallen moon in a field. He takes it home and cares for it, slowly helping it heal. They become inseparable companions, exploring the world together both day and night. But when the world needs the moon to remember its place in the sky, the boy must help it find its way back home.

This is an unforgettable tale of an unusual friendship by world-renowned illustrator Jimmy Liao. Gorgeous, evocative illustrations tell an imaginative story of love and courage; the world will never forget the time when the moon forgot. "

i love jimmy liao's art. how the seemingly childish drawings inspire feelings of nostalgia and longing. his illustrated book, "a chance of love," is one of my favorite picture books. i also have his other wonderful book, "sound of colors." his works are originally in chinese and are only translated in english as well as in other languages.

if you're using igoogle as your browser's homepage (like i do), you might be interested to know that you can get his theme to brighten up your igoogle page.

[cover art image from amazon.com]

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cpsanti said...

heehee. thanks for the tip, i'll check the book out ;-)

fortuitous faery said...

you're welcome, cpsanti! this is you, caryn, am i right? :)

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