"wowowee" in new jersey

i can imagine the boardwalk hall in atlantic city is filled to capacity tonight with die-hard fans of willie revillame's noontime show, "wowowee."

my mom seriously considered buying tickets to watch it ($150 each), but decided instead to keep the cash and spend it on something else. "wowowee" is her number one favorite filipino program on TFC.

this poster advertising the show was at a filipino store in jersey city. hmm, they misspelled "boardwalk" there....

notice how miss igorota's eye looks like she smudged it with mascara. she was stuffed in my bag along with a water bottle, and i guess the moisture made contact with her face. poor thing now looks like a voodoo doll.

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gingmaganda said...

is like she cried and had non-waterproof mascara on. uncanny how i've been feeling really submerged lately... =(

Anonymous said...

$150 for a ticket?!?!?!?!?!? ngek!

sana matanggal ang smudge sa mukha ni miss igorota soon :D

have a great week ahead!

Anonymous said...

haha, boardwalk wrong spelling. wala bang nag proof read bago ikabit ang mga posters.

fortuitous faery said...

cheer up, gingmaganda! i wish i can send a hug to you by UPS! (i prefer "brown" to fedex)

mommyba, kahit ganun kamahal, sold out ang tickets nila!

and unfortunately, that smudge will be permanent...hindi ko naman puede labhan yung doll...mabubura yung buong mukha niya. i will just have to take sideview pictures of her from now on. hehe.

gingmaganda said...

aww, gee, thanks. ;-)

Anonymous said...

wow! sana nakapanood ang kaibigan kong taga Belleville...kailan kaya sila dadalaw dito sa Aussie?


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