what his dad gave him

there's a miniature version of the rockefeller building rocking tourists' imaginations at the rockefeller center. it's a structure built by chris burden made entirely out of "erector sets" (sounds pervy, doesn't it?)--toy construction pieces. the work is called "what my dad gave me." if you look closely at the first photo below, it's the shiny, metallic structure directly in front of the real rockefeller building...with my travel mascot, miss igorota.

chris burden is a notorious performance artist who made a spectacle out of himself by having himself nailed to a volkswagen, crucifix-style. if you think that's outrageous, consider his other feat of having someone shoot a bullet into his arm, all in the name of art.

the fragile-looking structure measures 65-feet tall. the exhibit is on limited display at the rockefeller center. to read more about this, click here.

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