cats in the cradle

we've decided to name our black kittens "siomai" and "maki." they're going to be 3 months old at the end of this month and will have been with us for two months. they are so pitch-black that it's a must to use flash when photographing them, otherwise you'll wonder what the black lumps are in the photo.

here's siomai attacking a bird toy. [die, little birdie! die!]

and here she is again undaunted by our dog tiffany's presence at her bed. it's tiffany's bed, but she doesn't seem to care about the territorial issue. tiffany is intimidated by these kittens.

how do we tell the kittens apart? they both have patches of white fur on their bellies, but siomai has a bigger patch. she's also the naughtier one of the pair.

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ms firefly said...

i love cats!!! they look very naughty indeed, hmm, gigil!!!
but hubby's allergic to their fine hair, so poor me can't have a tabby. :)

email me your addy and you're in for my snailmail project!

Anonymous said...

oh bless... they're so cute!

Yang said...

***GAASSSPP!!!**** beautifullll!!! and i just LOVE their names! hehehe!

fortuitous faery said...

thanks! they can be very naughty, though!

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