can you say that word five times without faltering? hehe. that's the name of a japanese bookstore located along avenue of the americas, right across bryant park and just near 42nd st. my kawaii radar drew me to this place.

the store carries shelves upon shelves of manga, japanimation dvds, japan/j-pop photography books and magazines, and japanese souvenirs, stationery and all those plush kawaii things....like tarepanda and miffy.

surprisingly, i didn't see a lot of hello kitty items. there were few, but i expected more from a japanese shop. i guess they conceded the task to the sanrio store on 42nd st.

in the photography books section under "japan subculture", i spotted these blythe books which i'm sure will be to gingmaganda's liking...

and naturally, everything was expensive. my eyes grew as big as blythe's when i saw that some fancy versions of the pilot pen cost $10 each! and that's before the 8.25% sales tax! those pens would cost way cheaper at national bookstore. but then again, i'm not in the philippines. pilot was my pen of choice in elementary until high school.

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gingmaganda said...

blythe blythe blythe! woohoo!

i dont know if i'll enjoy the books as much though. i prefer to have the doll. i'm a better pornographer este photographer nyahaha

ang kapal ko! ahahaha

fortuitous faery said...

i figured you'd prefer the dolls...that way you can take your own photos, diba?

gingmaganda said...

true dat. itatabi ko siya kay miss igorota nyahahaha

shiera (bisdakbabbles) said...

8.25% sales tax? that's too much!
I'm a bit surprised about having a kinokuniya there...

anyway, if you want to buy some Manga (comics), I could buy you some here... at second hand shops. They're still in very good condition and only cost 100 yen each!

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