in a new york minute

you've heard the eagles song, right? and i experience it everyday. as soon as i get off the bus at the port authority bus terminal on 42nd st., i take a deep breath, check that i don't have sleepies in my eyes, then join the throng of people sprinting--not walking--to their respective points of destination in manhattan.

everything happens quickly in new york, everyone moves fast. if you stop in the middle of your tracks for a fraction of a second, someone will surely bump into you.

new jersey and new york are in the same time zone, but still, everything seems to move at a quicker pace in the big apple. i've adopted their speed, because when in new york, one tends to walk as new yorkers do (with the obvious exception of ogling tourists).

a new york minute seems like 10 new jersey minutes...and an hour in philippine time.

the peoplescape of new york is as volatile as the cloud formations in the sky. you never see the same faces again.

[photos of the morning crowd inside the port authority bus terminal]

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