statues of liberty on parade

turns out that lady liberty is scattered across manhattan slathered in different sports teams' colors! i spotted three such statues on different days. it's like playing "where's waldo" in manhattan, except you're looking for the smaller statues of liberty! i wonder how many there are altogether?

first, here she is inside toys r'us store in times square, right by the entrance.

then i found another one along 6th avenue right across bryant park...

and just today, i saw yet another one in front of modell's sporting goods store at 42nd street...

the challenging part of photographing anything on the streets of new york city is getting a decent shot without people passing in front of your lens...there's always people walking by, especially when it's a friday and there's tourists everywhere!

3 vandalized my wall:

Anonymous said...

that's really cute!

happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

You can find a map of all 42 locations of the Statues on Parade at http://mlb.mlb.com/statues!

Have fun :)

fortuitous faery said...

there's 42??? wow!

thanks, gina!

have a great weekend too, mommyba!

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