The "Madventures" of Riku and Tunna

Sometime last month, Travel Channel aired a preview episode of their newest travel series called "Madventures." It's fresh from Finland, hosted by two extreme backpackers who host and shoot their own travels in their mad quest for unique travel experiences you won't find on your Fodor's or Lonely Planet guidebook.

Riku is the main host who narrates their itinerary and sometimes "Jackass"-type challenges that he and cameraman/companion Tunna engage in, like jumping off an abandoned building in St. Petersburg in their preview episode in Russia. How do these Madventurers decide who does what? Rock-Paper-Scissors. The unfortunate Tunna, a vegetarian, ended up having to dine on leeches filled with Riku's blood. GRRROSSSSS! But Tunna's reaction was too hilarious, watch it here: (WARNING: Not for the faint of stomach!)

I bet that's too extreme even for Andrew Zimmern's (Bizarre Foods) brave palate.

What I love about this show is how Riku speaks in that serious, slightly maniacal, scientist-like accent in the manner of Dexter from that cartoon "Dexter's Lab." He also likes to give the camera that quizzical, piercing glare as if to dare you to be as daring as them.

In that preview episode, they had also visited the ghost town remnants of Chernobyl and the actual Chernobyl plant. They had also boarded the Great Trans-Siberian Railway to contemplate the mystical mystery of Dasha-Dorje Itigelov's preserved body inside the Ivolginsky monastery in Buryatia.

"Madventures" will begin airing on the Travel Channel on Sept. 21st at 10PM. Can't wait!

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This was funny. I searched for Tunna and found this. I'm Tunna myself.

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