"FatPassport" Fits Your Travel Style

An important part of travel preparation is researching about a place. Google helps, but travel-specific websites are more appropriate. My primary source for online travel reviews on any given destination is TripAdvisor, because it contains hotel and attraction recommendations, even photos, submitted by actual travelers who have been to such places.

There’s a new online travel resource in town: FatPassport. The only excess thing you’ll get is travel tips, not baggage (or unwanted bulges). The website is still in beta mode but shows much promise because of their unique premise: it lets browsers customize their search for travel tips via their travel engine’s categories such as location, budget, and activities. It’s “personalized travel recommendations” based on your own preferences! You’re in control!

Since the website is still new, the locations featured contain reviews posted by their “Travel Experts” for now, but will soon display actual travelers’ own candid stories and recommendations.

I test-surfed their travel engine with these tabs: “Find the best Attraction, in the Philippines, as ranked by Everyone, whose travel style is Low Budget, traveling specifically for General Sightseeing,” and was led to a page suggesting that I should “Be at one with nature at Beautiful Batad” in Banaue. Banaue has always been on my travel wish-list, what a coincidence!


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