98 Cents and Rising

Finally, the USPS is releasing a new stamp on June 28th bearing the international postage rate of 98 cents. It used to be 94 cents that had the pristine beach of St. John (the U.S. Virgin Islands). The new stamp features the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

Since the postal rates increased last month, I've been using the First Class domestic stamps such as the Simpsons stamps plus 10-cent stamps to come up with 98 cents. Now it's conveniently back to just one stamp. But honestly, the 44-cent stamps are far more visually appealing. Take the "King and Queen of Hearts" stamps, for instance! You'll love them, too!

[Stamp image from USPS.com]

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Garando said...

I miss snail mail... it's too bad the Philippine post office is so unreliable. Garandee didn't receive any of the packages that was sent to her by her blog friends. :(

fortuitous faery said...

garando: whenever i send small parcels or important documents to the Philippines, i mail it by priority mail flat rate envelope so that it's recorded by the USPS. they always reach their destinations!

it's sad that the postal system in most parts of the philippines are still unreliable. i once sent a christmas card with photos to san mateo, rizal and they never got it. it didn't have any money or anything like that. besides, in this day of western union/moneygram, who inserts money in letters nowadays???

and i still enjoy snail mail, especially since i'm an active member of "postcrossing." :)

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