Digitally Yours

Did you feel the digital switch in television this month? It was at the back of my mind, but I knew it already happened. Before this month, I was able to help out a friend shop for a converter box so she can still receive local TV channels on her TV set. Thanks to a rebate coupon provided by the US government, she practically got her converter box for free.

This friend of mine stopped subscribing to cable and satellite TV in her home because she’s too busy with work, hence the converter box option. It’s curious to note that she works in the hotel industry, at a hotel which uses Direct TV Business to provide guests with premium channels such as HBO. Simply having local channels at your hotel room just wouldn’t make your stay enjoyable. Commercial Direct TV is the solution for most hotel businesses.

I’m about to check into a hotel sometime next month. I will try and see if they have Commercial DirectTV or some other provider, just out of curiosity. Oh my God, it's almost July!

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