super trooper

i had a socially busy weekend which involved a lot of food, a few drinks, an all-night karaoke marathon (or in kuya germs' parlance: "walang tulugaaaaaan!!!") which had a suspect agendum.

my stomach is full but my eyes are sleep-deprived (because of the non-stop karaoke session), and will continue to be such as i only have a few hours left to sleep before i rise and shine again to catch the charter bus for atlantic city. will spend the night there, and who knows...maybe i'll get lucky at the slot machines.

i am constrained to just share this video clip from my digital camera as our car passed by a road mishap along interstate 80 close to fort lee on our way to yonkers, new york on sunday afternoon. traffic was unusually at a snail's pace, and our suspicions were confirmed when we saw this scene: a handful of state troopers and their cars surrounding the unfortunate vehicles. although i was sorry to see this sight, my eyes were grateful to gaze at uniformed men even for a split-second. (sheepish grin) the loudest, most astonished voice you'll hear in the clip will be my mom's.

p.s. our two cats, maki and siomai, just turned a year old this sunday!

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