valentine movie marathon

so, to answer sreisaat's question in one of my previous posts, this is what i'm planning to do on valentine's day: a movie marathon. i just came back from the library and borrowed two DVDs that would be perfect with "breakfast at tiffany's"....

♥"paris, je t'aime"--stories of love from the city of love! (watch the charming trailer on the website!) it's actually a diverse cast with different internationally acclaimed directors such as the coen brothers, gurinder chadha, and wes craven (among others) collaborating in this postcard-perfect romantic movie which invites you to "fall in love 18 times" (as it has 18 directors).

if "love actually" was christmasy and set in the UK, this one is french-flavored and varied, like a box of assorted truffles...or, or...IHOP--the "international house of passion!" come lonely, leave happy! haha. oh these puns.

♥"jetlag"(d├ęcalage horaire)--a story also set in paris about when complete opposites end up sharing a hotel room when their flight from charles de gaulle airport gets cancelled.

paris isn't the only thing these two films share in common, but also the fact that juliette binoche ("chocolat") stars in both!

yup, my movie list is complete. the movie itinerary consists of new york city and paris. now all i need is chocolate.

[movie still from miramax.com]

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Princess Ody said...

good movie choices! juliette binoche looks like sarah palin in that photo!
i have roman holiday and funny face (both with audrey hepburn) lined up

fortuitous faery said...

haha, you're right! all she needs are glasses to complete the look! but tina fey is better. :P

i'm excited about my movies. so your theme is audrey hepburn....happy viewing!

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