ready, set...hibernate!


will be away from blogging for a little while. will "pounce back" before the end of february. in the meantime, why don't you keep miss igorota and the sisterhood company? you'll be amazed at all the places we've been with her. the latest one being this awesome wedding in tagaytay.

i leave you with a photo of my favorite mug, ziggy with hearts-a-plenty from a mailbox. imagine it filled with your favorite beverage. mine is usually green tea for anti-oxidant purposes, but in honor of st. valentine and all things sweet, maybe i should whip up some hot chocolate from the tableas i had bought from south cotabato. that is, if i don't get lazy doing the grinding and mixing in a saucepan. haha.


and oh, don't forget to watch anthony bourdain's "no reservations" on presidents' day, monday, february 16th at 10PM EST on the travel channel!!! (as if my blog's banner doesn't already remind you! haha) augusto (the guy from new york who got to be a semi-finalist in tony's video contest) gets his chance to tour tony in manila! and then there's cebu, too!

and if you want to win an autographed photo of anthony, quickly hop on over to the burnt lumpia blog!

[p.s. the lazy cat is my cousin's in pasig city which i photographed in december '08]

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Anonymous said...

Hi Fairy!Happy Valentine`s Day!

Take your time dear.Gonna visit miss iggy`s blog now. :)

watch out for the result of the contest btw ;)


Anonymous said...

Hibernate? Tapos na winter diba? Ehehe.

Just want to say thank u for your oh-so-nice postcard. It arrived just in time!!!

Maligayang araw ng mga puso!

Kate said...

happy valentine's day :) love your cute cat pic! btw, will add you to my links sana, is that okay? :)

Sidney said...

Happy Valentine's Day !
Wish you a good blogging time off!
Come back soon !

gingmaganda said...

where you going? i wanna go too!

(batang naghahanap ng nanay, haha)

Anonymous said...

hi faery! pasalubong ha! hehehe...

left you a tag on my site. just click my name so that you'll be transported there...hihihi

Sreisaat said...

FF, wherever you may be... I hope you are fine... diin ka makadto? *chismosa*

Anonymous said...

Hi Fairy!I hope you could get this message coz I have a surprise for you.so visit my blog then email me later,okies? ;)

have a nice weekend!!

Anonymous said...

hello!thanks for the reply kahit na hiatus ka :)

i chose your article coz I liked the theme,about your debut party ;)

send me your infos pala at my email add:



btw,have you watched in the heights na ba?update us naman and dont forget t share pics ha?i wont meet Luis na siguro coz we moved far north na,at usually,sa tokyo area ang location ng workshops nya.

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