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meet tommy, our next-door neighbor's senior and obese cat. he's the outdoor-type, since his human owners won't let him inside anymore. a fancier feline lives inside their home now. he knows his name. when he wanders off into our property, he likes to show affection by rubbing himself to nearly everything around him. he's really old, he's been around since i first came here in new jersey many years ago.

tommy reminds me of holly golightly's cat in "breakfast at tiffany's". i think that cat should get an award for "best supporting cat!" i cried at the ending when holly went looking for her cat in the rain...and of course, he was found! (and got sandwiched in a wet kiss between holly and paul). i'm just a little disturbed at how audrey hepburn's character actually got married at age 14(!) to an older animal doctor in some hillbilly state. that's pedophilia!

after watching this movie, i recalled how our teacher in PEHM (physical education, health & music) back in highschool made us sing "moon river" for a music test. there wasn't internet at the time which would have easily given us an idea what the song sounded like via youtube. i think we asked classmates around if their parents knew the song. haha. so yes, i sang this song hesitantly (because i've never heard it before nor have seen "breakfast at tiffany's" then)...but i remember my teacher nodding as i sang. maybe she loved frank sinatra, or the audrey hepburn movie, or both.

ash wednesday, i was in new york city. had my forehead smeared inside st. patrick's cathedral. on my way back to times square, i went inside the whimsical anthropologie store near rockefeller plaza and spotted a charming audrey hepburn book called "how to be lovely: the audrey hepburn guide to life." i almost bought it, but decided i can always get it cheaper somewhere online.

oh, and in case you haven't noticed (or, if you care! haha)....i'm back from my temporary blog hiatus.

[book image from barnesandnoble.com]

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Sreisaat said...

Welkam baaaaaak!
Miss Iggy and I missed your posts :)

gingmaganda said...

susog kay sreisaat:

walkam baaaaaaaaaaakkk!
(mas marami akong letters! haha!)

ang cute ng pusa! love ko na siya!

at oo, umiyak din ako sa part na yun ng breakfast at tinffany's. wah.

Princess Ody said...

yay! maligayang pagbabalik!

in the movie "funny face" audrey hepburn sang a song with the title "how to be lovely"

Marites said...

kawawa naman si Tommy at ejected from the house pala. He looks so sweet and friendly:)

Hmm...been a while since i've seen Breakfast at Tiffany's, I already forgot what it is all about hehehe!

fortuitous faery said...

thanks for the warm welcome, girls!

ody: will keep that movie title in mind. netflix is probably my best bet to catch it.

Kate said...

i love him :) he looks so soft and cuddly! btw, i watched breakfast at tiffany's before and found some parts vague and a bit disturbing. hmm.

fortuitous faery said...

meow: the party that holly hosted at her apartment was a little disturbing, at least for me. haha.

Sidney said...

Oooh... I find it so sad he was replaced by another cat... that is not kind!

fortuitous faery said...

sidney: yes, it's a sad fact, indeed. he's gotten used to being a vagabond cat, though. they still feed him.

ms firefly said...

that was a very sweet scene at the end, and i just had to cry to feel better. ^-^

i'm getting that book too! audrey knits, so i love her more. ^-^

ms firefly said...

she's dutch by the way, so i love her morer. hehe

fortuitous faery said...

odette: there's a lot to love about audrey! hehe.

Anonymous said...

Ooh I hope Tommy finds another indoor home. Looks like such a sweet kitty!

fortuitous faery said...

maria: technically, my neighbors still own tommy...they still feed him, just that he stays outdoors now.

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