i am loved...

i am loved

here are a couple of the free "i am loved" buttons (in english and german) i was able to snag from the helzberg diamonds store at our local mall. when you drop by their store, there's a bowl filled with these red buttons declaring "i am loved" in eleven different languages such as chinese, hebrew, french, italian, japanese, etc.

the jeweler's website shares that these buttons were inspired by barnett helzberg, jr.'s proposal to his girlfriend in 1967. he wanted to share the love through these adorable buttons as a way for people to express their love in conjunction with their signature sparkly gift, or alternatively, by themselves as a simple token of affection (when they're not ready to give a diamond quite yet).

check out the official "i am loved" website, where people can share their own "i am loved" stories.

i know this post is a little late for valentine's day...but love shouldn't be just a certain date on the calendar, right?

wouldn't it be cool if mcdonald's gave away free "i'm lovin' it" buttons in different languages as well? hehe.

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Sidney said...

Indeed...that is nice !
With the color of love !

Kate said...

how cute :) nice idea on the i'm loving it pins. sana nga meron :p

Anonymous said...

Ang cool ng concept. Meron bang in filipino? hehe

ms firefly said...

ohhh, lovely!!!
so sweet buttons!

fortuitous faery said...

sidney: yup, red as passionate love!

meow: oo nga, then i'll surely get the tagalog button! :P

duskfading: wala eh...our language isn't that popular with them. :P

msfirefly: indeed they are! i'll definitely come back for the other languages and complete the set. haha!

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