santa baby!

while sorting through the pile of junk mail in our living room this morning, i came across a coupon-filled magazine for various establishments in our area. then, as i was flipping through the pages, i saw one that said, "$2.00 OFF YOUR PHOTO WITH SANTA." it was at the ledgewood mall, that small town mall 15 minutes away with only a handful of stores inside.

then it hit me, i've never had a picture with santa! not as a child, adolescent, young adult--ever! and here i am, a few months shy of turning 30 and very much tempted to sit on santa's lap (well maybe just beside him, since i don't want him to get a knee replacement if i did sit on his lap! haha) for a christmas photo!

yes, i know it sounds rather embarrassing for an adult to want a photo with santa, but hey, i don't have a child of my own to drag to santa at the mall...so why not a photo op with the big guy for myself? it's my last year as a twenty-something and i should be doing things as if from a list called, "things to do before you turn 30."

i went to our mall this afternoon and spotted santa in his big couch, waiting for kids to line up for his photo session. it's not even thanksgiving yet, but a few families already have their kids saying "cheese" with the guy in the red suit.

here's mr. claus as spied from the second floor....

will i be too chicken for this challenge or will i end up with a kodak moment? haha.

the mall was brimming with shoppers today...then, i realized it's veteran's day weekend...another november shopping holiday, but more importantly, a day to honor war veterans of america .

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