wish upon a swarovski star

only six more days before christmas. tonight, i decided to use a coupon to buy myself a christmas gift: a black toggle pea coat. i've always wanted one. and it was a perfect time to get it since everything in that store was marked down to 50% off.

the christmas season is a chaotic time at the shopping malls. it is especially toxic for the sales people, since they have to work extended hours as christmas day draws near. they're obligated to open early and close at midnight to accommodate the rabid, last-minute shoppers. i used to be in retail before and working during the holidays wasn't something to be jolly about.

my christmas shopping is done (i think). next up: after-christmas sales! haha. this is actually the time when we buy stuff on clearance for next year.

we were in new york city a couple of weeks ago to marvel at the most sought-after tree: the one at rockefeller center. we were lucky to find ourselves a street parking spot in 45th street and then we walked towards 50th street where the tree was. it was freezing cold that night that my toes were getting numb inside my clogs as we walked...not a wise choice for shoes.

the displays in front of saks fifth avenue were golden, life-sized versions of a musical toy box in every window. one could easily get lost in the multitude of tourists gathered in this area, moving and shoving their way (new york rudeness at its peak) towards the tree and nearby st. patrick's cathedral. suddenly, music magically plays from above the building, and giant snowflakes sparkle in perfect timing to the music. people stop for a while, enthralled by this synchronized light show which starts every fifteen minutes.

click here to view the videoclip!

suddenly, i get a flashback of childhood pilgrimages to the C.O.D. department store in cubao, when every december we would go there and watch the moving mannequins tell the nativity story.

then we walked closer to the tree, trying to get a decent picture amongst the throng of other tourists wanting to have their pictures by the tree. the tree is illuminated by multicolored lights, shining down upon the skaters gliding happily away at the skating rink below.

towards the right of the tree, just across the street is a replica of the actual swarovski star sitting on top of the tree.

doesn't that make your tree somewhat fashionista or what?

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