see you at the rainbow bridge...

benji, our adopted cat of 2 years,went to kitty heaven last monday, november 27, 2006.

with heavy hearts and teary eyes, we took him to the vet to put him to sleep. his original appointment was on the day after thanksgiving, but we didn't have the heart to take him then.

however, his skin cancer had gotten too worse for him to bear. it was heartbreaking to see him suffer with his illness daily, so although it would hurt us, we knew it was time to release him from his pain.

i burst into tears as soon as he was moved to the vet's pet cage. my sister and i drove home crying.

he was thirteen years old. he will be dearly missed.

he was a tough cookie to the very end, but his body was visibly succumbing to the disease.

goodbye, benji....thank you for the furry moments.

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