super stamps

yesterday i stopped by the post office to mail a christmas gift my sister never got to send to her friend in canada. it was in a box with an unmistakable christmas design. i think the postal employee was just too polite to inquire about the christmas gift being sent in the blistering summer heat of july.

i bought a sheet of 39-cent postage stamps as well. i couldn't resist the new dc comicbook superheroes edition.

now i can send super mail!


my ancient toyota car experienced an unfortunate event today. on my way to work, the muffler bailed on me when i ran over a bump on the road. the result was an embarrassing, obnoxiously loud sound each time i step on the gas. i was afraid to aggravate it by driving any further so i stopped by a nearby parking lot, in the middle of the sweltering hundred or so degrees of noontime sun. i had my father check the problem and he said there was some hole in the muffler which needed to be fixed.

i still drove the car to and from work, but at a slower speed. this isn't the first time something like this has happened to me, but it's really not surprising for such a rusty car. what's also surprising is that it still runs, hehe.

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