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i used my 30%off coupon at borders to buy the lonely planet bluelist '06-'07 book.

it is the bible for travelers, would-be travelers, travel channel fans, and people who are planning to pack their bags and discover a destination. whether you already have an itinerary in mind or are longing for a travel fix, this book gives you an educational and streetwise preview of what to expect in a place, and some unknown secrets of it, too. a colorful, concise travel tip handbook about everything from best places to go for beer, to "best beaches to swing a hammock."

the layout of some pages even merge postcard-perfect pictures with informative text, so that the place becomes even more inviting to visit. this is the tourist's travel brochure of the world in one handy guide book.

the philippines is bluelisted for the hobbit house bar in manila. i have never been to this place!

there's also a funny list called "most stupid thing you heard a tourist say!":

#01. (in zurich, switzerland) 'sorry, i don't speak swiss.'
#02. (in edinburgh, scotland) 'why did they build the castle next to the railway?'
#03. (in paris, france) 'honey, why are all the streets called RUE?'
#04. (a guy in a nightclub in prague, czech republic) 'are you ready to rock, berlin?'
#05. (an american in canada) 'it's almost like another country here.'

like what the travel channel perpetually advises, this book inspires you to "be a traveler." and this book aims to make you a wise and informed one.

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