you're toast!

here's a more recent kitchen misadventure of mine.

the ingenious breakfast recipe is from a kraft foods magazine. said recipe has a wonderful photo of bread with sunny side up eggs "built into" the slices, sprinkled with bacon bits and shredded cheese. you cut a hole in the middle of the bread slice using a cookie cutter or glass rim, crack a whole egg into it, then sprinkle the other ingredients on top of it. then it's baked in the oven.

i didn't have bacon bits on hand but i settled for grated parmesan cheese. the outcome of my efforts was bread as dark as midnight, not the sunny side look i was aiming for. it appears nuked, not baked. haha. oh well. back to the chopping board!

i bought a new cookbook holder at our local hallmark store. the knife, spoon and fork hold the book in place while you cook. i'm no iron chef, but this cookbook holder keeps me inspired. hehe.

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