lost and found

i was in for a shock when i went home from work last friday. tiffany, my aunt's shih tzu which i have temporarily adopted while they were away on vacation, was not in our garage anymore.

because of the hot weather, i have taken upon myself to leave the garage door open at daytime when i leave for work so that tiffany would not suffer a heat stroke or suffocate. i keep her tied on a leash so that she can still move around. i did not know how for the love of god she was able to break free from that leash, that tiny furball of a dog.

i walked towards the back of our house to see if she's just roaming in the backyard, all the while thinking where i should start searching in case she's nowhere in our property. this dog is more than ten years old, and i was worried if i indeed lost her.

surprise and a wave of relief went over me when i saw little tiffany looking back at me from our deck. i noticed that she was safely guarded there by a wooden shield at the steps. she also had a plastic tray of dog treats close by. i immediately thought it was our next-door neighbor who took care of this.

i started to walk tiffany in our front yard so she can answer nature's call, and our neighbor went up to me and told me that someone found our dog way down the street close to the lake. he said he had knocked at our door but that nobody answered, despite the cars parked in our garage. i explained to him i was all by myself and that i had left the garage door open so that tiffany won't get fried by the heat inside. i thanked him for what he did.

this is tiffany trying to peer at me from her curtain of hair. my family and aunt will be back from the philippines in a couple of days, so i shall be parting ways with her soon.

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