pink blink

pink is a cute color, but not when it's in your eye.

i'm referring to "pink eye", also known as conjunctivitis or "sore eye." ever woke up one morning with one or both eyes glued shut from excessive ocular discharge?

that's what happened to me today. i had to force my right eye open with a clamp (of course, i'm kidding). my eyeball resembled sadako's. i still went to work, though, when i really wasn't supposed to. you can't risk spreading your infection to co-workers or making your own infection worse by exposing yourself to your workplace.

it's disgusting, it's irritating, like you have a huge ball of puffy dust clouding your field of vision.

this leaves me no choice but to call out sick tomorrow. (hurray!)

i remember when i was in elementary, kids still went to school despite being afflicted with "sore eyes." i confess to being one of those who went to school with sun shades on to shield my immediate radius from my harmful eye virii. i think the only thing this method did was attract more attention to your infected status, and at the same time be labeled with nicknames such as "stevie wonder" or "randy santiago." but back in those days, i had accepted the sunglasses as a commonplace, obligatory remedy for the sore eye situation.

fast forward to the present: it's friday, and the color of the day is....pink!

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