i want this!!!

how cool is this?

your photo frame just turned high-tech! in this age of digital photography, they decided to invent a photo frame that displays all your favorite digital pictures slide-show style! think of it as a screen-saver on your photo frame....it's almost like having your laptop morph into a photo frame!

i discovered this item from linens n' things' flyer. its original price is supposedly $199.00, but they're selling it for half that price right now. it only needs your memory card attached at the back and then you can have it running your favorite photos on its own! it's a perfect center piece for special occasions too....like reunions, weddings and milestone birthdays.

check out the more specific details of this product:

Showcase all of your digital photos in bright, vivid colors. Set up a slide show and play directly from a memory card. The frame is light, portable and easy to use. A great companion for your digital camera and is an excellent way to show off your pictures to friends and family. Just pop in the memory card from your digital camera and your ready to show off all of your precious memories.


* Bright 5.6" Active Color Screen
* Auto Start Slide show function
* Supports Photos up to 12M pixels
* Includes AC Adapter and Quick Start Guide
* No Computer Required, plays directly from memory cards
* Brilliant Color Display with adjustable contrast and brightness
* Automatic Slide show, Full-Screen Browse, and Thumbnail Browse Display modes
* Compatible with major memory cards (CF/SD/MD/MMC and MemoryStick)
* Model: NV-560

perfect for digital photography enthusiasts! (such as myself :P)

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