hopia like this

isn't this shirt just adorable? it brings back binondo memories of freshly made eng-bee-tin hopia. there's more shirts with pinoy food favorites where it came from. it's an online store curiously called "bomba star." who wouldn't be lured to a website with such a name? check out other original food characters such as "adoboy", "lumpia DJs", and "balut baby." if you don't feel like spending $15-18 for a shirt, then you can also send free animated e-cards featuring these characters and the infamous "barrel man." cute and funny.

or, find out what your bomba star showbiz name is with their bomba star showbiz name generator. mine is "pawis laki" or "large sweat." that doesn't sound seductive at all!

now, if you're a fan of sushi and you'd like to lounge with your seafood, there's also the sushi pillows. now you can SLEEP with your food! (not the other kind of "sleeping", my dear...unless you have a secret food fetish i'd rather not know) these novelty pillows are so expensive, though. that nigiri pillow below is a stupefying $45. i'd rather spend my money pigging out at minado, the ultimate sushi buffet!

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