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i'm sure i'm not the only female who thinks cnn's anderson cooper is hot.

how many grey-haired men can actually look sexy? i mean, look at him. don't you think he looks like a male model from those high-end department store catalogs advertising crisp business suits? (and maybe even ralph lauren boxers)

yes, i am not alone in this thought...because he actually has an online fan club. his mother is gloria vanderbilt, i name i recognize as a clothing brand. he's 39 years old and hosts his own news show on cnn called "anderson cooper 360." here are other interesting trivia about mr. cooper from wikipedia.org:

* Cooper is a self-described "news junkie", having been one "since I was in utero."
* Cooper was photographed as a baby by Diane Arbus for a Harper's Bazaar Valentine issue; apparently not initially pleased with the result, Cooper's mother refused its publication at first, but eventually changed her mind. Following Arbus' suicide in 1971, the image was selected to open a retrospective of her photography at the Museum of Modern Art in 1972.
* He modeled for Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Ford Models and Macy's from age 10 to 13.
* At age 17, he went on a survival trip to southern Africa during which time he contracted malaria and required hospitalization in Kenya.
* Cooper started getting gray hair around age 20, and was completely gray by age 35. In his Details column in August 2003, he stated, "Going gray is like ejaculation. You know it can happen prematurely, but when it actually does, it's a total shock."
* It is claimed that Cooper "doesn't drink hot beverages."
* He sometimes goes by the nickname "Andy."
* Regarding his appearance on Celebrity Jeopardy: "It was called the Power Players edition, though I'm not sure why I was in it because I'm neither a "playa" nor a person of power. The experience really made me realize how much of a loser I am, because of how much I got into it. I mean, it's kind of a no-win proposition. In what I do you're supposed to know a certain amount of things, and there you are exposing yourself to ridicule for not knowing stuff. I didn't consider it that much in advance, but that morning I woke up and was like 'What have I got myself into?' But I feel OK about it now."
* He was once a judge on Iron Chef America.
* Cooper was among the top ten men on Vanity Fair's international best-dressed list for 2004.
* He has been featured in Maxim, Esquire, and Vanity Fair magazines.
* His height is reported to be 5' 10" (178 cm).
* He has a pet Welsh Springer Spaniel named Molly. Previously he also had a dog named Ozzie.
* He has been named as one of the Sexiest Men Alive in 2005 by People magazine.
* He was Number 3 on Playgirl magazine's Sexiest Newscasters List.

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