enough online shopping for me!

last weekend i bought a cheap 5-megapixel digital camera with mini tripod and case from overstock.com for a mere $77 (!) as a gift for my aunt in the philippines. she's been wishing for a digital camera because she's realized how expensive buying film for her APS camera is. it's discouraging her from taking more pictures of her son and consequently, having any pictures developed. i took advantage of the website's flat $1 shipping promo. that's a dollar shipping for ANYTHING on the website, even furniture and other electronics. can you believe that? here's that digicam i bought:

sure, it's not a popular brand. in fact, i've never heard of it. but it's such a good deal for $77, with only a dollar shipping and no sales tax. for a non-photography-savvy person such as my aunt, she'll be happy with it. the only catch though is that she'll have to stock up on AA batteries. but at least she won't have to buy rolls of film anymore. i'm giving her one of my 256MB memory cards. and hey, her camera is 5 megapixels! i'm still living with a 4.1-megapixel one.

i hope this digicam isn't one of those "too-good-to-be-true" products. hehe.

my most recent online splurge was a 512MB SD memory card for my digital camera. this time i took advantage of circuit city's free shipping for orders over $25. hey, after being generous to someone else, i have to treat myself too. after all, 256MB is getting to be too small a memory card size for me.

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