if a picture paints a thousand pixels...

does anybody realize how such a tedious process organizing your photos is in an album? especially when you have over 300 pictures from way back in thanksgiving to arrange in chronological order and you procrastinate. you put off the task until you get a new batch of pictures to add to the pile, and then it doesn't help that your digital camera doesn't let you print your photos with the date emblazoned on the lower right-hand corner. personally, i think the date feature ruins the composition of the picture. it's like smudging a painting. but it is a helpful tool to remind you what date the photographed event happened.

before i had a digital camera, i faithfully used the date feature of our old 35-mm film camera. my pictures always came out with red digits in mm-dd-yy format. i thought it was cool. organizing pictures was a breeze, even if i decided not to do it right away.

my now 2-year-old digital camera doesn't give me dates, so when i upload them on my computer and have it arranged automatically according to "date picture taken" with a click of the mouse, that's how i know which picture comes first. my sister, though, who isn't too fond of photography owns two digital cameras which can imprint dates when the pictures are developed.

so far, i've finished inserting the pictures from january, the ones from when my mom met her two college classmates in new york. i photographed this important social event and shared the photos on my mom's batch's yahoogroup. there are very few pictures with red dates on them, and it is an indicator that those pictures were from one of my sister's digicams. kind of like this one from easter:

i'm waiting for those spring pictures i had ordered online to come in the mail. ahh, the conveniences of online picture processing. saves you a trip to the photo shop when gasoline prices go up by a nickel each day nowadays.

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