pet peeve

one of the questions that i disdain being asked is, "do you have a boyfriend?"

what i hate even more is when the querent follows it up with "i know someone i'd like you to meet..." or "i have a single brother...he's really mabait!"

i know these people are trying to be philanthropists in the field of cupidology, but i think they should just mind their own business. i was confronted with this situation again tonight and i responded to the question by laughing out loud and stating, "i'm not interested."

then this family friend uttered a speculative comment, "you prefer whites, don't you?" when he thought i wasn't interested in being set up with a filipino prospect.

he doesn't understand that i'm not interested with the concept of being set up with random guys, or more specifically being selected as a guinea pig for an experiment of pairing up people who went to the same university.

bottom line: just mind your own business. "help" someone else.


today was a beautiful, sunny day. it was so nice outside that people were in t-shirts and in shorts and walking their dogs at the lake nearby. it felt like summer!

this gorgeous weather (which is unusual in the month of march) inspired me to actually clean up my ancient, borrowed car. i believe the last time it experienced a thorough vacuuming was more than a year ago. i was able to throw out other ancient stuff from the nooks and crannies inside the car, like receipts dating back to 2003. my efforts were rewarded with finding my long-lost personalized parker pen given by a good friend and sorority sister...there it was, stuck at the side of the front passenger seat. the car was also treated to a bath, personally given by me.

i bet if that car could talk, it would yell at me..."it's about time!"

P.S. my arm sling has been removed last week, but my shoulder still hurts.

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